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I dedicate this work to all who believe, from amongst the descendants of Adam, that is Allah the Almighty as the only piety in the Sky.

 All thanks be to Allah/God and his messenger Mohammad (pbuh) and his companions, may God bless their souls.

This is a very rare and unique piece of art if not the only piece around with such a large amount of scenes representing religious stories parallel to the ones in the holy Qura'n, along with the reference made by the Old and the New Testaments regarding some of these stories.

Further, credit should also be given to the artist responsible for creating such a uniquely artistic piece.  This is an artist who had tremendous knowledge of these people portrayed in the tablet.  What is quite interesting in this respect is the fact this artist didn’t deal with these events as merely a narrator or a historian, but has in fact produced a piece of work with ironic views: the first of a sympathetic nature while the other seems harshly critical.

Although this piece is still in its initial stage of making an appearance to the public, we expect a huge amount of criticism by scholars, archeologists, and anyone else interested for that matter.

When I first came across this piece-it was just a  historical piece which I thought could be original or fake, I was so drawn to it  that I stood there trying to unravel its codes and that’s when I thought to myself that this piece of art could not be anything but genuine and even if this artist wanted to imitate another piece of art, he would’ve chosen something a lot less simple and familiar to people instead of making a piece which is composed of 10 intervening pictures so complex that even archeologists wouldn’t be able to make sense of.  As a matter of fact, the reading of the letters involved has taken so much time and effort by Professor Dr. Yahya Ababneh, one of the most prominent scholars in ancient linguistics.

Although I have had the honor of being the first to decode this tablet, it has to be said that neither I nor others have the right to refute or reject its codes and units; however, differences in interpretations will emerge as such, especially that on my part, the reading

of this tablet will be of an Islamic nature and I have thus provided proof for every reading and can thereby make the claim that the first portrait belongs to prophet Moses (pbuh) whereas the second belongs to Antichrist.  Anyone with a different interpretation from my own is more than welcome to come forward and present us with his/her interpretation along with hard evidence.

It is worthy of noting that as is the case with any other archeological or historical piece, this piece is a heritage for the whole world and shouldn’t be restricted to one nation; however, since this piece is of a religious nature and knowing that this part of the world is where the three monotheistic religions have emerged from, we can safely say that the local individuals’ interpretations of this piece might be the closest to reality.  In addition, this piece was created in this region of the world and therefore has included alphabetical letters from languages spoken by this part of the world namely thamudic, Serianic and Caninite.

As for this mission I will not delve into the life of  Moses (pbuh) as  he is a messenger of God, but I will concentrate my effort on Antichrist since it is a future matter that we may live long to witness, and I wish that out of this historical rock, a river may spur so that I may call this river (the river of Antichrist's philology).

The responsibility regarding this matter should be laid upon the Islamic scholars for they are the heirs of the prophets.  Although the emergence of Antichrist is well known to Muslims as the prophet (pbuh) has informed us of his emergence in details, but as the saying goes "seeing is believing".  Despite the threat he poses, most of our preachers and scholars rarely delve into the issue of Antichrist.  I thank and praise God for leading me to this piece in order to decode its symbols and further wish that Allah accepts this work which could be of great benefit to all mankind.