Technical Archeological Analysis of The Amazing Tablet, Moses (PBUH) and the Antichrist

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Dr. Ezat Zaki Qadoos,
Head of Hellenic-Roman Archeology,
Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University

The Moses Tablet, (Al-Naqsh Al-Ajeeb/The Amazing Tablet), which contains the human shape consisted from a set of technical elements , from my point of view it represents a table of sacrifices made from a rectangular piece of black Basalt, with tortuous rims followed by a slanted channel towards a hole in the lower right side to gather the blood of the sacrifices, the artist who made that tablet has employed a human head forwarding to the left in an abstractive manner witch reflects the Assyrian Babylon which merely approach of picturing Persian kings, of rude features, long hair arranged after the neck, the thick mustaches and the beard, upon the cap head a lettering in Thamudic lettering means …, on the right check of the man there is a devious snake represent the evil, and the picture of the man of the beard in a form of sleep Scorpion fangs toward the rear and his tail towards the front, the scorpion represent the bad evil spirits in the Babylon's legends, thus this table of all bloods flow on it are expellers of the evil and bad, like the scorpion and the snake, by the picture of invocation and supplications which might be read during the providing the sacrifices.
The other septet chancellor tablet which is the embodiment of Zardasht religion that was known in Iraq and Iran during the first Jewish Babylon captives and it has been immigrated by the Iraqi Jews to Jerusalem, and was used it illuminating the temple during prayers using a golden chancellor and the lighting of olive oil which lit for eight days in commemoration of destroying the temple and its desecration by statuses. Since the first destroy of the Jewish temple, the holy embodiment that remains was the heptagonal chancellor that used as a symbol in atheist Honokaa feast; it represents the heptagonal branches of the celestial bodies according to the Babylon's astronomy, which are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. In addition it represents the tree of life in the Jewish mythology, the mother the deity, accordingly it was used on the Jewish temples and in the Jewish Gravestones, one of its best forms is what was found in the Jewish manuscripts, where they consider it as the identification for lighting the way to Jerusalem.