New Images

This antique piece continues to prove to the world that it deserves the name that it has been called (the amazing inscription). Perhaps accurate were the words of Professor John Healey- a British archeologist- who saw the sculpture where it is located in the United Arab Emirates: this sculpture will remain the object of interest and research for the coming one hundred years.

Amazing, amazing, how the creator of this sculpture was able to be precise in his calculation where he utilized the parts and elements in the portrait to express through it every time a new image and view?

The latest images discovered in the portrait are two pictures which Mr. Aouali Mourad was able to derive from the portrait whereby he projected the image on itself- which is an idea inspired by the method of Dr. Rorsach. He was able to do this with the sculpture in positions (a) and (b) stemming from which were two pictures from which we can derive new portions. These images could not have been precise and meaningful but for the fact that the producer of the inscription was aware of the images hidden inside the portrait.

Thanks and appreciation to Mr. Aouali Mourad for this superb achievement.
Mr. Aouali Mourad is an Algerian who resides in France and has a Master’s degree in the psychology of work and organization

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In the time that all the Archaeologists, and the, Theologians , scholars Museums , media , and even the people who have the tablet , they are running there backs to this important topic, in this circumstances ALLAH enlighten few persons to discover magnificent secrets of this amazing tablet through them

I had said, and i am still saying that this tablet may be one of the pieces that were made by the Jinn by an order from Solomon the prophet of god pbuh and that were mentioned in the Quran

And all of us already know that the prophets of god are very far from playing or Tampering so this tablet must contain very important secrets that were known by the prophet Solomon, and he knew that one day the tablet will appear, and it’s secrets will be explained for all, and all of this was planned for a wisdom only god know it

And I am happy to tell you a new surprise about new hidden pictures inside this amazing tablet

Allah enlighten the heart of one of our brothers   who recurrently visits our web site to discover these new hidden pictures, Mr. Mohammed abdelhameed alsa’di analyze the tablet pictures and overlap it in different positions as Mr. Morad Awali done before

And so this analysis resulted in a group of amazing pictures no one can deny its clearness, so the meanings of these new pictures will be left for each one of you to understand it

We Congratulate Mr. Mohammed Alsa’di for this amazing great job

Mr. Mohammed abed alhameed alsa’di is Palestinian , lives in Denmark , works as a teacher in Institute for computer sciences , and this is his e-mail
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