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When the pharaoh of Egypt was at his maximum power, who would’ve imagined his kingdom would vanish and his army would be destroyed at the hand of a man from the tribe of Israel, but this is what had really happened and Allah drowned them all and granted victory to Moses (pbuh) and his followers.  Allah has bestowed tremendous power upon Moses (pbuh) with which he could defeat the oppressors!!

Nowadays, we can say that our world is something close to a pharaoh.. in that the majority of people turn their back on religion.

Now, and after three thousand years, Moses (pbuh) comes back to life through a historical tablet: Is it as pharaoh was drowned at Moses (pbuh) hands will the historical tablet of his face (pbuh) drown the  global economy?? World peace?? World food Security? And will the spiritual world defeat the material one?!?!

Thus Allah has shown us this tablet as an introduction to the change which will come about and will be witnessed by the whole world prior to the return of Jesus Christ (pbuh).

News of the tablet has been announced by the General Union for Arab Archeologists in their ninth conference held in Egypt between the 11-12th of November, 2006, after which a committee made up of the Union members in cooperation with the French Scientific Institution for Eastern Archeology was formed to examine the tablet in the United Arab Emirates where it is located, took samples of the materials covering the surface of the tablet, sent to Europe for further lab tests with carbon 14 and came back with conclusive results asserting that this tablet is a genuine historical and archeological piece.

However, so far, no archeologist has come forth to present us with a diagnostic reading of the pictures and codes that are found in this tablet. The reason behind this may be the lack of real pictures of prophets in the archeological archives, so that even if real pictures are to be found, archeologists will not be able to give their judgments on them.

Finally, it is worthy to mention that this tablet is the private property of  the United Arab Emirates that is not for sale but what is requested is for it to be placed in an elegant museum where it belongs, away from all the commercial/materialistic atmosphere.

I hereby call upon religious figures, people in the media, as well as the general public to view this amazing piece.w

ritten by the researcher:  Ahmad Aljawhari

A member of the General Union of Arab Archeologists

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

To view the tablet: