Art Analysis of the Amazing Tablet, Moses (PBUH) and the Antichrist


Dr. Mustafa Al Azabi,
Teacher of Fine Arts, engraving section, member of Plastic Arts Associations

This tablet consists of two parts; the first of it is represented in the frame, which is considered as the outer frame of the tablet. These are of repeated units of different dimensions, these repeated units makes a frame for the view which its movement start from the from the right of the work going to the upper and the left and then to dawn, it takes a semi regular arrangement where it reproduced from each other, it stats narrow the grow wide until it reproduce another unit, it has in the Middle part of it a groove all along the unit with a depth of 1 mm.
These repeated units are connected in the corners though separated angels total to 4, one in each corner, where the its 90 degree angels are assured by vertical groove forwarded directly towards the direct angel, these repeated units, in total form a frame, may the artist determine it to represent something if the tablet to be read of its symbolic framework.
The second part represented in the engraved shape in the center of the tablet, which represent the main element, where it is separated from the out frame by a groove of 25 mm merely in the upper part of the work and increased may be to 35 mm in the lower part of the work, thus it is slanted in the horizontal position, this groove is intervened by 5 cross wise relives at right, left and upper sides, and by 4 crosswise relives in the lower side. These cross wise relived as a background to the shape, in the middle of the work, since it is not of regular distribution nor it is unified by the shape.
But the artist has maintained it descending dawn until it reached a hole in the right lower part, which assertion the functional shape of the tablet, where it was prepared to receiver and to leak a flood which was put on the surface of the work. At the center of the work, mainly it shows a human face, was engraved in a position which shows the forehead, the nose, mouth, beard, in a side profile known in may be old cultures, and it features were ascertained by Pharaoh and in old Iraq.
In addition, the artist has treated the expressive face in a manner that shows he is of knowledge of human face anatomy, this is ascertained in the nose area and its relation with the eye, cheek, in addition to the relation between the nose and the mouth, and his capability to form the upper lips, where we see that he was cautious to show the relevant details of the lips, by making the groove upper the lips, in addition to forming the nose, where he considers the lower and raised parts, thus it came of complete components, that emphasizes the artist capability to control the material of the tablet which he is dealing with, although it is of hard solid and resistant to him while he was trying to express what he wants to say by maintaining the dignity of the owner of the related work , which featured with the power.
We notice that the eye was treated to be facing the viewer, in addition to the elbow area, which is opposite the other remaining elements of the face, the artist has respected the functional purpose of that work, thus the inner part of it was a triangle without any rises except little one, since all elements where finished at the limits of the triangle, thus making the shape rounded with an engineering frame, to maintain the solidarity, unity and power thus suitability for the aim of which it was engraved for.
The artist has definitely chosen to for the lower part of the work, which represent a chin, an element to complete the shape, in the form of the tail of a scorpion, which is determined the lower part of the shape, where all composing and forming a scorpion element were harmonized with the movement of the beard hair, which is represented in eight vertical lines, has been completed ion the scorpion body by a crosswise groove to complete the components of the shape, making a natural expansion to it, in a radial shape connected with the lines of the background.
Although the scorpion size is huge in the tablet, but it is served as a forming component, the artist has been able to complete the shape in the lower part. Also he replace the ear with mark or shape starts from the ear in a spiral movement to frame the cheek, then return another time to downwards of the tablet in spiral move to indicate the scorpion tail, crossing the main chin forming lines.
In addition, the artist, has emphasizing thorough distributing these elements and codes around the face area, the basic features of dignity which he intended to express , where these were ascertained the face features in wide areas as we see in the nose and the cheek and the forehead, where these has a great chance to expressed by these features expressing the power and rigidity.
Further more, we notice some scratches and marks or codes in the cheek area, the artist may be intended to express something throw it, I believe that the artist has cut that piece of rock, trimming it from all sides, then he select to compose on one of it faces.
Because of high resistant of the raw material, the artist may has deems suitable to form his elements in a manner which has a plenty of abstract to represent his main idea.